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First steps

We are with you every step of the way.

1. Put your vest on.

2. Open the app.

Bienvenido a OWO

3. Get calibrated.

4. Have fun playing.


5. Maintenance.

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Frequent Questions

Anyone over 18. It must not be used by people who have a cardiac pacemaker.
To wear it, you must stick the gels on the prepared patches. The gel patches have to be in direct contact with the skin, so the vest is worn with nothing underneath.
Put the vest on and start OWO app (on your phone or tablet). Before you start playing, it will automatically ask you to calibrate. At this point, you simply need to adjust the intensity of each sensation in each muscle. Start low and go up until you have the sensation you like!
Yes, you must buy one which will fit you. It must be tight on you so you can feel all of the correct sensations. It is elastic and comfortable, so ordering a tighter one is better if you are between two sizes.
Sure! Wash it in the washing machine with cold water and put it out to dry. Before washing it, remember to take off the gels.
That depends on each person, we recommend you hang it and keep the gel patches covered (they come with a plastic covering). That way, they will last longer so you will have to change them less often.
It will depend on how often you use it and how much you sweat. You have to keep an eye on them and replace them when they stop sticking, as that will decrease the intensity in the sensations.
Yes, the device that powers the vest comes with rechargeable batteries, so you won’t have to spend any money or pollute the environment!
It’s made of Italian Lycra, breathable fabric, carbon electrodes, conductive gel and elastic cables.

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