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Travel Through Gaming

We’re going through tough times for people who love traveling, but video games transport us all over the world.

Get to see beautiful places

In the last few years, video games have advanced in many ways. One of the aspects that have improved the most are graphics. This is why we can now enjoy traveling the world without leaving the house.

Uncharted 4 offers amazing views of Madagascar. Take a moment from all the action to watch the sea, walk down a street or relax in pure nature. Sure, hanging off a cliff can be fun but how about drinking the best wine of Teyvat in Diluc’s tavern or enjoy the beautiful views from the top of a mountain in Liyue. Who needs real landscapes when you can travel around a fictional world?

Uncharted 4 landscape

Don’t just travel in space, travel in time too! And no, not in the TARDIS. Become an outlaw that travels the Wild West of Red Dead Redemption 2. Small towns are great to have a beer and to duel.

GTA 5 is always a great choice if you want to walk – or drive– around the current streets of the USA. A gigantic city skyline only comparable to the real deal cities it’s based in.

GTA landscape

Know people from around the world

One of the best aspects of traveling is getting to know people and their different cultures. The Internet has allowed us to be in almost constant contact with people we know, however, it also permits us to get to know new people. Connecting to online servers or joining Discord communities are some of the ways you can meet varied people scattered around the world, and you already have at least one thing in common!

Live adventures

Those who like a little risk can find games that are ideal for them. Climbing, skydiving and car racing are some of the things that you can do. This is a great way to get to do those crazy journeys you’ve thought of, a trial test where you can experiment without fear of getting it wrong.

Share with your friends

If you prefer having new experiences with friends, you can always travel together to distant lands in multiplayer games. You can always send them screenshots of the view and make them jealous, make sure to take a good selfie.

Genshin Impact

New experiences that new technologies have provided and that would only improve with OWO! Keep your eyes peeled for more posts about gaming and haptics here.

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