Presentation of new OWO skin product and CES award

The Benefits Of Our Haptics

Can you remember the first time you thought, “Wow, I wish I could be there!” while playing?

Now your wish can become reality! Your experience will be too real to be true!

This is the reaction of amazement and disbelief of our guest, the famous gaming rapper and YouTuber Kronno Zomber, when he starts feeling the game.

Since the creation of the digital world, which has been booming in these last years, we have been discovering more benefits and uses of technology. A sector that has managed to implant dreams and hopes in the hearts of many. Fascinated with discovering more about it and making it evolve, many companies have started to step into the haptic world.

We didn’t think steps were enough, so we decided to take a leap.

Haptic vest

Our haptic vest, which allows you to feel physical sensations while playing, is the result. The technology that we have developed, enables infinite possibilities of sensations. Time flies when you become immersed in the land of video games when using your vision, hearing and touch.

By adding physical sensations to the game, players become more aware of their environment and situation, on a more profound level. This will lead to making very different decisions when playing with the vest, as opposed to without.

Jose Fuertes, founder and CEO of OWO Game expressed this in his own words:

Interacting with the game and with other players in total immersion is only one of the possibilities of this second skin. Reflexes and cognitive skills improve while playing, as your mind reacts more naturally to the physical sensations.

To your surprise, the reality of this game playing will leave you satisfied and fulfilled, as it is as near to a real life experience as possible.

So what’s not to like?

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