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Your personalized calibration

You have taken a step forward

You have chosen to feel everything the way you want to feel it. Live the game to the fullest by calibrating your haptic vest and creating your own world of sensations. Unlock new amazing sensations by calibrating. Browse through the sensations on our App and calibrate them all to complete the progress bar.


A microsensation is the base, the smallest unit that you can calibrate. Each sensation is composed by one or more microsensation. A gun shot sensation, for example, is composed by 3 microsensations: entry wound, exit wound and bleeding.


Varios disparos Several shots

Entry and Exit bullet

Knife in the abdomen

Axing in the back

Punch Punch

Cuts in the chest, frontal attack

Wind on the front, free fall

Vibration Vibration

Strange sensation in the back

Arm grip Arm grab

Serious abdominal wound

heavy object Pins and needles(many insects biting)


Lifting wight with arms (VR)

Weight in the abdomen (VR)

Sensation of shooting a weapon (VR) + Skin

Fast driving

Get calibrated on the OWO App

Download our App

Compatible with Android, iOS, Windows and Mac – register and keep track of your calibration.

After establishing the Fast & Go calibration, where you have to adjust your sensitivity scales (light and superficial sensations) and contraction scales (deeper, muscle moving sensations) of several sensations in the different muscle groups, you will be able to customize further.

Personalize your world of video games and customize the intensity of each microsensation in every muscle.

The App saves your stats, so your calibration will be automatically customized every time you play. You can modify the intensity of any microsensation whenever you want. Each player will have their own calibration levels.

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