Kronno Zomber

Game description
How to connect

The Zombie Apocalypse has arrived to stay! Run or become dessert! Ready for the race of your life? Become Kronno Zomber and… Run! Jump! Dodge! But most importantly, don’t let the ferocious horde catch you!

A T-Rex riding a motorbike? A flying dog shooting missiles? A Flying skateboard? A Samurai dog armed with a katana? Discover all the crazy Power-Ups that you have at your disposal and defeat all the zombies that get in your way. This is only the beginning!

Available on
Mobile | Tablet
OWO Compatibility
Mobile native
Platforms | Action | Casual | Runner
Video Game
Release date
July 3, 2020
Kaiju Games SL
Mobile native

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1. Download and install My OWO App from the OWO Website, Play Store or App Store.
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3. Once the game is launched, click on Scan Game inside the games tab of My OWO App, and the game will appear ready to connect.