AWE USA 2023

Bringing Virtual Reality to Life at AWE USA 2023

OWO made a significant impact at the recent AWE XR event held in Santa Clara at the beginning of June. As the largest VR/XR event in the world, AWE provided an ideal platform for the team to showcase their groundbreaking technology and demonstrate the future of immersive gaming. With a series of captivating demos, compatible games, and successful meetings, OWO left a lasting impression on attendees who expressed their anticipation for the product.

At AWE 2023, OWO's booth attracted a considerable crowd of VR gaming enthusiasts, industry professionals, and technology enthusiasts eager to experience the next frontier in gaming. The company's presence was marked by a lineup of several demos that showcased the capabilities of the OWO system.

OWO's demos demonstrated the immense potential of haptic feedback in gaming. Attendees were able to interact with virtual environments and objects, feeling every texture, impact, and movement. From dancing in Beat Saber to engaging in intense combat scenarios, participants were captivated by the lifelike sensations provided by OWO's technology.

OWO seized the opportunity at AWE 2023 to foster collaborations and forge connections within the industry. The team held meetings with game developers, content creators, and potential business partners, discussing opportunities for integration and future projects. The positive response and excitement from industry insiders indicated a growing interest in incorporating OWO's haptic technology into future gaming experiences.

OWO's presence at AWE 2023 was a stepping stone towards our ambitious vision for the future of gaming. By pushing the boundaries of haptic technology through trains of pulses, we aim to transform the gaming landscape, bringing unparalleled immersion and sensory experiences to players worldwide.

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