Top 3 Best Rated Star Wars Games

According to Metacritic, we bring you the top three Star Wars games: may the force be with you!

Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic (2003)

Metascore of 93/100.
When we think about the best Star Wars game, there is one game that will always be at the top of fan’s minds: Knights Of The Old Republic.

This MMO takes its story very seriously. As we all know, the type of commitment required for an MMO isn’t for every gamer, however, for those gamers who really want to feel like they’re living in a galaxy far, far away, there’s no better option. Besides, Knights of the Republic has been free-to-play for years now!

Even though the graphics and combat style are not for everyone, the game’s story is pretty flawless. The game has a collection of great characters, difficult choices, and phenomenal exploration.

Imagen taken from Steam

Star Wars Rogue Leader: Rogue Squadron II (2001)

Metascore of 90/100.

To those who are not fans of flight simulation games, it may be a surprise to see this game among the favorite ones. Between the graphics, sound design, story, and gameplay, it’s for many, undoubtedly, Star Wars’ greatest ever flight game.

The graphics were mind-blowing when the game came out in 2001 as a GameCube launch title, and they still look remarkable today. Unfortunately, the sequel failed to capitalize on Rogue Leader’s success, adding some ill-advised on-foot missions, among other things.

Image from SteamGridDB, RealSayakaMaizono

Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast (2002)

Metascore of 89/100.

Jedi Outcast came just before Academy, so it’s the penultimate game of the series, and puts players in control of Kyle Katarn once again in a post-Return of the Jedi Galaxy.

Jedi Outcast presents Katarn as a mercenary following the severing of his Force connection after the temptation of the dark side almost took over him. The game is full of characters both beloved and new (like Luke and Lando). Further in the game, Katarn cemented his legacy as one of Star Wars Legends’ best characters.

Image taken from Open Critic

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