2000s Consoles To Remember

These video game consoles defined the childhood of many of us: treasures that we might still keep around the house.

PlayStation 2: 2000

The giant and also the best-selling video game console of all time. It probably has the strongest library of any console ever. Ask anyone what their top five PlayStation 2 games are and you’re likely to get many different lists. Perhaps its biggest weakness was multiplayer games. With only two controller ports by default, the PS2 and its library didn’t capture the magic of local gaming parties that the Xbox or GameCube did.

One of the biggest reasons for its success wasn’t even related to games at all. It was related to that DVD player feature. For its starter $300 price, it was one of the cheapest and best DVD players at the time.

Nintendo GameCube: 2001

At Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in 1999, Nintendo announced the initial specifications for its next-generation console, code-named Dolphin.  This console, which was being called Starcube, was officially, and finally named “The Nintendo GameCube”.

The GameCube truly restored Nintendo’s popularity with both gamers and developers. Its small unique shape inspired developers to create a portable game experience by attaching a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screen and battery pack.

Microsoft Xbox 360: 2005

It took a couple of years for project Xenon (also known as the Xbox 2) to come to market, finally in 2005. The Xbox 360 was a seventh-generation console in direct competition with Sony’s PlayStation 3 and Nintendo’s Wii.

This Xbox’s system placed players at the center of powerful next-generation games and entertainment experiences. Elegant design features, wireless controller and an array of interchangeable faceplates that let gamers personalize their console.

A lot of work was needed to build a game platform capable of more than gaming. “With the first generation of Xbox, our ambition was to change the way people think about video games”, said Robbie Bach, Chief Xbox Officer at Microsoft. “Starting today with Xbox 360, our ambition is to transform the way people play games and have fun”.

Nintendo Wii: 2006

By 2006, Nintendo was in last place. While Nintendo sold about 22 million Gamecubes, Microsoft sold about 25 million Xboxes, and Sony sold 150 million Playstation 2s. What’s more, Nintendo sold about one-third fewer Gamecubes than it had sold Nintendo 64s.

Like any smart company that knows it can’t keep up with its bigger competitors, Nintendo changed the game. Nintendo came up with the Wii. The console had worse graphics and a slower processor than its rivals, yet it destroyed them in sales, and it drove the company to new heights of popularity, and profit.

These were great advances of the first decade if this millennium. At OWO, we are working to change the way people play video games and revolutionize, once again, the gaming world.

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