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It’s time to put down the controller and pick up some popcorn: let’s speak about movies based on video games!


Tom Holland is going to be Nathan Drake in the new Uncharted movie. Fans of the long-running video game franchise have been clamoring for this film for a long time.

The movie has gone through a ridiculously long development cycle. What started out as a sort of male version of Tomb Raider created by Naughty Dog, eventually became such a mainstay in the industry that the Tomb Raider reboot actually pulled elements from Uncharted. That was the impact that Uncharted had on the video game industry.

There are officially eight games in the series, but four mainline titles. The Uncharted series, in a nutshell, is a lot of treasure hunting, climbing (lots and lots of climbing), shooting whole armies of enemies, and massive scenarios. Each game has Drake tracking down some new treasure and the gamers uncovering more information about his backstory.

At this point, it’s not yet known if the movie will use one of the franchise villains or if it will have a brand new antagonist. As far as we know, Antonio Banderas has been cast in the film, and we can’t wait to see what role he will be playing in Uncharted.

Jumanji, Welcome to the Jungle:

Unlike the first movie, this sequel was inspired by 1990s video games and it has been listed by many as, probably, the best video game movie ever made. However, many people prefer the original movie, far from any tech.

It’s been twenty years since the original Jumanji stampeded into cinemas, and since then the popular board game has been busy. This project morphed into a video game related movie, starting with a series of events that eventually lead these four new teenagers into a trap, sending them to this jungle world, twenty years later after the main events of the first movie.

This second part is an affectionate parody of the video game world. It’s clearly written by people who know video games, and love them, but also want to mock them. As we can see, this movie has nothing to do with its first version.

Ready player one

More serious gamers can devote hours each day to playing, an investment of time that is hard for many to even begin to understand.

Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One, was an adaptation of the 2011 novel of the same name by Ernest Cline. This popular science fiction book offers interesting insights into the gamers’ world, touching important topics from the perspective of someone immersed in the video game culture. And that inside view is immensely powerful. Cline doesn’t seem to feel any urge to dismiss video games. Quite the contrary, Ready Player One is a celebration of video games.

The novel is only a few years old, and yet, technology has advanced so much since then. Now gamers can play as they always imagined and dreamed: with a haptic vest. OWO invested years of work into a haptic vest that allows you to feel physically, everything that happens in a video game. Cline’s gear is no longer a science fiction gadget. The future is not ahead of us, the future is now!

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